About Rovbase

Rovbase is a management tool accumulate and verify information on the distribution and occurrence of carnivores, the depredation on livestock of carnivores, and the compensation for depredation of carnivores on livestock.

The database consists of both a production database (login required) and a web-site for public access to data. The production database may contain information not displayed in the public web-site. The difference is caused by the need to limit access to sensitive information, determined e.g. by cases still undergoing verification, police investigation or where disclosure may compromise sensitive information on persons involved.

As of today's date the database contains the following data:

  • 127 080 carnivore damages on sheep
  • 48 718 carnivore damages on semidomesticated reindeer
  • 177 704 carnivore observations
  • 15 535 dead carnivores
  • 125 926 DNA samples
  • Ca 2 000 applications for compensation for damages on sheep per annum
  • Ca 500 applications for compensation for damages on semi-domesticated reindeer per annum

Version 3.0.1130 Produksjon 28.05.2020